To explore the uses of augmented reality and the disconnect between the inner world of thoughts and the outer environment, I designed a speculative product: An innovative contact lens that can project a live translation and emotional readout of any subject to the wearer using augmented reality. Ideally, this project would allow us to communicate our inner worlds perfectly to the outer world and could ease the task of conveying the most complicated emotions or thoughts we have. Practically, it is a tool that can allow any person to understand another seamlessly. To show this design in context, I created a promotional video and an imaginary technology blog to feature the product and explain how it works.

Check out the blog entry here: Virtual Informer
Recently I saw two trade shows (SXSW & Adobe MAX) display products similar to my concept in design but not including translating. However, these products do guess what emotion, age, race, and more of the face it sees. So cool! Here is a screenshot of it guessing my age and emotion:
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