These posters were made to promote the St. Edward's University Music Division. My partner and I created posters in turn with a template that established a recognizable brand for the division. Over the semester we built a relationship with the division and the faculty involved in putting on these events as the poster designs became more refined.
Futura PT was the clear typeface choice for the boilerplate part of the template as it is easy to discern quickly from a distance, and falls in line with the University's use of the popular sans-serif Helvetica Nueu, while still remaining distinct.
Meanwhile, the concert names were created with typefaces that fit into the time period of the music. The titles were also created with an overlapping effect to blend the imagery and text.
The imagery for each poster was chosen from art pieces of the time period of the music being performed at each event. This design choice adds a meaningful context to the imagery of every poster.
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