For EngineStat, I developed the entire brand image and helped to create in-app illustrations. The illustrations are several different types of gauges. Below is a video of the modern sport theme gauges, originally created by CJ Pony Parts and can be found on YouTube.
Engine stat is a smart device that clips into a vintage car engine and sends engine data over bluetooth to an easy to read app. EngineStat is more reliable than old car wiring, and the user can stay ahead of the game when they receive engine alerts. Enabling the user to monitor oil pressure, temperature, voltage battery/harness, vacuum and RPM right from their smart phone or tablet, this resto-mod is a hug timesaver.

I made 5 total gauge styles. The in-app illustrations were different styles of digital gauges that a user could look at for reference as they are working on their car. This extra layer of customization makes this app perfect for the target audience of custom car lovers. 
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